Nice to meet you! I'm Lorenzo de Lijser!


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i solve complex issues by designing and developing user‑friendly digital products

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a productivity app for event production. it features an interactive map, task, order and team management system.

product design


project description


a project on data-driven audio feedback. app prototype to give real-time audio feedback based on your running performances.

product design


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during my journey as a product designer and engineer, i've used different kinds of tools and methods to create great user experiences. i love to start off with a pen, paper and sticky notes. i use Figma to create user interfaces and prototypes. 8 pixel grids and atomic design systems keep everything organized. my preferred development stack contains TypeScript, React, Next.js, Storybook and SCSS Modules.

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hi, i'm lorenzo!

i’m a product designer and engineer based in amsterdam, the netherlands. i like to create useful digital tools and experiences. this passion started early by helping to design and code my first progressive web app during high school. after that, i never stopped.

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